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Vocativ News is a startup digital news website that gives readers the most recent stories from the deep web. Our deep web technology tool called Verne scours the world in search for the most interesting stories that no other news organization is talking about.

The Goal of this Project
To redesign our current set of articles pages and provide a richer UX experience, available on desktop and mobile, increase engagement and the number of unique users


Using our Google Analytics data, I looked into patterns of our users to try and understand what their reading patterns were.

  • 70% of users were bouncing out from the homepage
  • 40% of users were bouncing from our article pages

Competitive Analysis

I looked into some of our competitors like ESPN, Time, Dailybeast, Mic among others.

After auditing their UI, I took note of some common themes:
  • Endless scroll a.k.a continous scroll from article to article
  • Advertisements in between each article
  • Advertisements within article (only present on longer articles)
  • Each article was shareable
  • All articles were viewable, with thumbnails, in either a left rail or a right rail

Sketch & Wireframe

I started a rapid sketch round and came up with a two to three options that would allow for continous scroll of content. I added a social share component and large header images for each article. I wanted to add a featured recommended reading component to allow the user further reading on a specific topic.

I designed different concepts that eventually were killed off in favor of the final design.

Concepts that were killed off


After several rounds of feedback and iterations with the product and engineering team, I came up with the final design for Vocativ News. I made sure the design was responsive for all devices. 

Engagement and retention grew by 5%︎︎ respectively and our unique vistors per month grew exponentially by atleast 20%︎︎. Bounce rate decreased by 5%︎.

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