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StashInvest makes investing simple and accessible. By providing educational content catered to early investors, Stash is empowering a new sector of people to learn by doing. With Stash’s immense growth, they want to scale the business and offer a new type of product to their customers, Retirement accounts.

Research - Quantitative Feedback

Stash wanted to understand if they’re user base was prime for a new account type, Retirement, based on their financial lifecycles. A survey was sent out to their audience to guage their level of understanding of different types of retirement accounts.

The research takeaways were:
  1. 60% of users expressed interest in retirement but didn’t how to start
  2. Only 10% of users were saving for their retirement
  3. Over 60% did not know the differences between the different types of retirement accounts that exist.

Stash saw this was a huge opportunity to bring a retirement solution to Stash’s userbase.


The problem we were solving for was clear: Customers are interested in saving for their retirement, and potentially opening a retirement account, but don’t know how to start.


Design a solution that offers guidance to help Stash’s customers understand what a retirement account is and what are the benefits

What are competitors doing in this space?

I ran a competitive analysis where I searched for competitor products that offered retirement accounts for a similar demographic of users. Wealthfront, Betterment and Fidelity were top competitors in this space.

Clean interface with emphasis on elements of growth over time. Graph UI gives the user confidence over their money

Functional interface with an emphasis on investment split in the users account

Functional interface with an emphasis on the user’s balance and YTD


After spending time looking at competitors, I felt I had enough to start to explore different ideas to begin to approach a solution. I pulled together the working team to pull together ideas around how to solve for these customer needs.

Lo-Fi Design

After exploring the product space, i compiled the best features from the examples I had and started to sketch out some ideas. In this initial pass, I focused specifically on the onboarding experience for new accounts.  

Hi-Fi Design

Once the low-fi designs were finalized, I presented them to stakeholders to get feedback. I moved into the Hi-fi stage and leveraged the design system I created to pull everything together. After that, I partnered with Product and Engineering to launch this new product to our user base.


Given the aggressive deadline of 3 months, I was able to leverage rapid design phases, competitive analysis, prototyping, low-Fi and Hi-Fi design to reach a viable to solution to provide a retirement solution for Stash’s user base.

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