Stash Retirement


Stash Invest makes investing simple and accessible. By providing educational content catered to early investors, Stash is empowering a new sector of people to learn by doing. 


Build a Retirement product, offer a Roth IRA to start, and be able to upsell our current customer base.

My role in this project:

  • Leading the UX & Visual Design.
  • User research & user testing
  • Partnering with Product and Engineering
  • Partnering with Senior Leadership


As part of our kick-off, we developed requirements that helped us keep inline without creeping outside of scope: 
  • Leverage Stash’s current UX/UI
  • Build Stash Retire within the Stash Invest app, so both accounts are housed under one roof
  • A way for our customers to manage and switch between accounts
  • Launch on both platforms (Andriod & iOS)

I worked closely with a group that included myself (Product Designer), a Product Manager, Compliance, Backend and Front-end (OS & Andriod) engineers. 

Competitive Analysis

In the competitive analysis phase, I conducted a search for similar apps in this space. I wanted to see if there are existing UX/UI patterns that were simple that I can leverage in my designs. 

Clean interface with emphasis on elements of growth over time

Functional interface with an emphasis on investment split in the users account

Functional interface with an emphasis on the user’s balance and YTD


In the wireframe phase, I designed a fluid system of new components that I leveraged from our existing componenets. Since part of the requirements where to stay within our current experience, I was diligent in making sure not stray too far away from our existing design system. 

Wrap Up

The goal of this project was to build a retirement product within Stash’s ecosystem. I was able to accomplish that by leveraging our existing design system and gather requirements early, design quicky, validate our decisions, iterate often, and ship. We wanted to get this product out but made sure we were checking off all the right boxes.

Through user research, we were able to validate and test our assumptions with this new experience through some of my earlier designs.  A few of the findings were:
  • Some of our users knew very little about retirement accounts
  • Most didn’t know why they are beneficial
  • Most didn’t know that there are fees and penalties tied to the account

I iterated on these findings, and made sure to educate our customers about retirement in a simple way, while being efficient when we present the customer with important information.

Once we launched the MVP of Stash Retire, we analyzed the data to see where our users were converting and dropping off in order to fix those problems quickly. We also planned continue to do user testing and A/B testing to continuously improve the experience over time

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