Stash Invest: Coach & Guidance



Upon analyzing data across the app, Stash found a decline in engagement over the course of 2017. They found about 40% of new users app sessions dropped significantly. Engagement being one of their core KPI’s, they wanted to find a way to improve the core user experience while boosting engagement in the app.


Increase engagement across the Stash app experience by offering personalized guidance in an engaging way


In the research phase, I collected contact information on about new 1000 users who have not funded their account. I wanted to ask questions to understand why they were not funding. I developed a script that would help drive the conversation and to help keep me unbiased when asking questions.

Here were some of the questions asked:
  1. What was your experience like with Stash when you first signed up?
  2. What did you like? Didn’t like?
  3. How could your experience have been improved?
  4. I noticed you haven’t engaged with some of our products and thus haven’t linked your account or funded your account. Can you explain why?

Here were some of the high level findings:
  1. Users were 




Wrap Up